How to Use GameGem?

Let’s take FinalFantasy 5 for example.

Step 1

In the game, find the data you want to change. Here I want to change the numbers of “Potion”. Remember the current one is “42″

Step 2

Open GameGem, tap “App Select” button and select FinalFantasy 5.

Step 3

Search the data “42″ which we want to change.

Step 4

Wait a few seconds and we can see here are 4151 results. It’s hard to confirm which result is the one we want.

Step 5

So go back to the game(Tips: you can tap the game button in GamgeGem to redirect to the game) and make some changes on the “Potion”. Here I used one potion, it has been changed to “41″. (Do not exit the GameGem when you do this step).

Step 6

Back to GameGem and search “41″. Now we get 7 results so we can modify now.

Step 7

Tap the “View Result” button beside the message. Check all the results and click “Modify”.

Step 8

Input the final data you want to change to, and click “Modify”. You will see a toast  when the GameGem finish the change.

Step 9

Now back to the game, and re-enter the scene(This is important). The data should be changed.